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Three-phase isolated transformer SGG-5KV

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    Three-phase isolated transformer SGG-5KV

Three-phase isolated transformer SGG-5KV

product description
The isolated transformer is a two-winding transformer. It not only has a transformer function in the power grid, but also electrically isolates the input winding and the output winding to avoid touching the charged body (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage). The danger brought by the ground can isolate the third harmonic of the power grid to the equipment, protect the heat generated by the machine and reduce the life of the insulation material, and suppress and eliminate noise, clutter, high voltage, surge, etc. on the power grid. Provide a pure power environment for your equipment.
Kunmai series three-phase isolated transformers are made of high quality imported materials. They are characterized by high efficiency, low power consumption, reliable operation, beautiful appearance, independent setting, and can also be installed in cabinets and equipment control cabinets. It can work continuously for a long time and is widely used as a power supply for imported equipment.
Scope of application
CNC milling machine, electric discharge machine, wire cutting machine, CNC automatic lathe, CNC engraving and milling machine, PCB' target='_blank'>drilling machine, SMT equipment, embroidery light spinning equipment, CNC stamping equipment, CNC surface grinder, printing equipment, CNC bending machine, CNC Hobbing machine, CNC circular sawing machine, vacuum coating equipment, electric injection molding machine, laser cutting machine, medical equipment, etc.
Energy saving and low noise:
It adopts high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet stacking; it adopts special dipping process to effectively reduce vibration and noise during operation; and introduces new technologies and new technologies such as high-temperature resistant insulating material design to make transformers more energy-efficient and quieter. . The coil has a ventilation slot, and the air flows smoothly, which effectively reduces the coil temperature.
High reliability:
The structure is reasonable, the efficiency is high, the waveform is not distorted, the use is convenient and reliable, and it can run for a long time, and the performance index fully meets the standard requirements of GB/6450 dry type power transformer.
Environmental characteristics:
It has heat resistance, moisture resistance, stability, chemical compatibility, low temperature, radiation resistance and non-toxicity.
high quality:
Excellent core structure, the most ideal production design makes the transformer have strong overload capability, strong short circuit resistance and strong insulation capability when overvoltage.

technical parameter
Model Dimension MM Rated output current  A Model Dimension MM Rated output current  A
SGG-5KVA 500*350*450 13/14 SGG-80KVA 750*600*750 209/230
SGG-10KVA 500*350*450 26/28 SGG-100KVA 750*600*750 262/288
SGG-15KVA 500*350*450 39/43 SGG-150KVA 850*700*850 393/433
SGG-20KVA 550*400*450 52/57 SGG-200KVA 850*700*850 524/577
SGG-30KVA 550*400*500 78/86 SGG-300KVA 1000*800*1000 787/866
SGG-40KVA 600*450*600 104/115 SGG-400KVA 1200*1000*1300 1049/1154
SGG-50KVA 600*450*600 131/144 SGG-600KVA 1500*1200*1600 1574/1732
SGG-60KVA 700*500*650 157/173 SGG-800KVA 1800*1500*2000 2099/2309

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