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SCB10-2000KVA three-phase power transformer

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    SCB10-2000KVA three-phase power transformer

SCB10-2000KVA three-phase power transformer

SCB10-2000KVA dry type transformer
1. Electric energy field Thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, gas power generation, wind power generation, etc.
2. Petrochemical field Oil exploitation, petroleum refining, natural gas extraction, etc.
3. Transportation areas Metro, light rail, airport, ship, highway, urban traffic, etc.
4. Construction area High-rise buildings, trade plazas, communication buildings, residential quarters, etc.
5. Industrial and mining fields Special power supply for equipment, relocation of factories, electricity use in mining areas, metallurgy industry, etc.
Iron core structure
Voltage 10KV-0.4
Cooling form dry self-cooling
No-load loss 880w
No-load current 1.40%
Insulation class F/F
Structural form epoxy resin casting
Capacity 30KVA
Cooling method AN/AF
Connection group Dyn11
Load loss 3470w
Impedance voltage 4%
SCB10-2000KVA dry type transformer housing protection device
The housing material is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The IP20 and IP23.IP20 enclosures prevent the entry of solid foreign objects larger than 12 mm in diameter, providing further safety protection for the transformer. The IP23 housing also prevents the inflow of water droplets within 60° of the vertical line and is suitable for outdoor operation.
SCB10-2000KVA ring dry type transformer temperature control, temperature display
The temperature control system consists of a temperature controller and a PTC temperature measuring element installed at the hottest point of the product, that is, the upper end of the low voltage winding, to achieve temperature control and measurement of the transformer. If the transformer winding temperature is too high due to overload operation or failure, the temperature controller An alarm signal is issued and the temperature will automatically trip when the temperature exceeds the safe value. When forced air cooling is used, the temperature controller determines the input or switching of the cooling environment system certified fan according to the winding temperature.
The wet display system directly displays the hot spot temperature of the winding during the operation of the transformer, and can be used together with the temperature control system.


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