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Three-phase auto-transformer transformer SG-40KVA

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    Three-phase auto-transformer transformer SG-40KVA

Three-phase auto-transformer transformer SG-40KVA

SG series - three-phase autotransformer
product description
An autotransformer is a type of coil transformer, which means that its primary and secondary share a winding, that is, a transformer with a neutral line. Kunmai series autotransformers are dry-type transformers that have been produced by our company for many years using high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce 160VA to 1500KVA. The products are characterized by high performance, low loss and reliable operation. It is widely used in AC 50/60HZ various imported mechanical equipment and various power supply occasions with input and output voltage not exceeding 3000V.
Scope of application
CNC milling machine, electric discharge machine, wire cutting machine, CNC automatic lathe, CNC engraving and milling machine, PCB' target='_blank'>drilling machine, SMT equipment, embroidery light spinning equipment, CNC stamping equipment, CNC surface grinder, printing equipment, CNC bending machine, CNC Gear hobbing machine, CNC circular sawing machine, vacuum coating equipment, electric injection molding machine, laser cutting machine, medical equipment and other technical parameters (take input three-phase 380V, output three-phase 220V/200V as an example)

Specification parameter
Model Dimension MM Rated Output Current  A 型号/容量 DDimension MM Rated Output Current  A
SG-5KVA 400*300*380 13/14 SG-80KVA 600*450*600 209/230
SG-10KVA 400*300*380 26/28 SG-100KVA 600*450*600 262/288
SG-15KVA 500*350*450 39/43 SG-150KVA 700*500*650 393/433
SG-20KVA 500*350*450 52/57 SG-200KVA 750*600*750 524/577
SG-30KVA 500*350*450 78/86 SG-300KVA 850*700*850 787/866
SG-40KVA 550*400*500 104/115 SG-400KVA 850*700*850 1049/1154
SG-50KVA 550*400*500 131/144 SG-600KVA 1000*800*1000 1574/1732
SG-60KVA 550*400*500 157/173 SG-800KVA 1200*1000*1300 2099/2309

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