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Three-phase dry isolation transformer 10KVA

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    Three-phase dry isolation transformer 10KVA

Three-phase dry isolation transformer 10KVA/20KVA/30KVA

The three-phase dry isolation transformer has the functions of anti-interference and purifying the power grid, and is widely used. For equipment companies with high precision requirements, isolation transformers can be used to achieve isolation and safety. Isolation transformer work fine, professional design
1. With voltage conversion function (such as: △ / Yo or Yo / △ connection)
2. It has filtering anti-interference function (such as: it can remove the third harmonic interference function. It can remove odd harmonic interference.)
3. It can effectively suppress the disturbance harmonics induced by the power line and the electromagnetic pulse of lightning strikes the system.
4. It can effectively suppress the disturbance harmonics emitted by the electronic equipment of the system from entering the power distribution network and causing interference to other devices (devices and systems).
5. It can fundamentally prevent system malfunction, data loss or error caused by ground potential disturbance.
6. It can effectively prevent the lightning protection device of the building from being knocked down due to the sharp increase of the potential of the steel bar as a reference ground.
6. The reason why the isolation transformer is widely used in construction is that the isolation transformer is a 1 to 1 transformer. Primary 220v, secondary is also 220v. The alternating current we use is connected to the earth. There is a potential difference of 220V between the other line and the ground. People will get an electric shock when they touch. The secondary of the isolation transformer is not connected to the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two lines and the earth. People who touch any line will not get an electric shock, so it is safer. Isolation transformers are commonly used in electronic instruments with electron tubes and high operating voltages, such as tube amplifiers, oscilloscopes, etc., and can also be used to repair power supplies.

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