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Three-phase dry type transformer

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    Three-phase dry type transformer

Three-phase dry type transformer

The servo transformer is actually a three-phase dry type transformer. There are two types available for customers to choose: 1. Three-phase isolation transformer 2 Three-phase autotransformer.
The three-phase dry-type transformer adopts high-quality materials and advanced process technology, specializing in the production of SG, DG series three-phase and single-phase dry isolating transformers. This series of transformers not only has a transformer function in the power grid, but also protects the heat and insulation generated by the machine. The life of the material is reduced. Especially suitable for imported equipment (380V in → 220V out, 380V in → any voltage output, 220V in → any voltage output) specifications between 1KVA ~ 600KVA, SG, DG series dry isolation transformer is widely used in AC 50 ~ 60HZ, input The output voltage does not exceed 500V for various three-phase power supply applications. It has the characteristics of wide applicable load, can withstand transient overload, long-term continuous operation, fire and moisture proof, safety and reliability, energy saving and convenient maintenance.
Input and output voltage of the product (single-phase, three-phase or multiple inputs and outputs, etc.), connection method, adjustment of tap position, winding capacity distribution, secondary winding configuration, outer box (according to different usage environments), Carefully designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

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