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BK-5KVA single phase transformer

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    BK-5KVA single phase transformer

BK-5KVA single phase transformer

1. The control transformer is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), voltage 1000V and below, and can work continuously for a long time under rated load. It is usually used as a control lighting and indicator power supply for electrical appliances in machine tools and mechanical equipment. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The transformer has two sets of coils. Primary coil and secondary coil. The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When the primary coil is connected to alternating current, the transformer core generates an alternating magnetic field, and the secondary coil generates an induced electromotive force. The turns ratio of the coil of the Satons transformer is equal to the voltage ratio
2. BK transformer can be divided into shell type according to the structure, and can be divided into vertical type according to the installation method. It is a new type of transformer power supply developed by China in the same level of foreign products. It has the characteristics of small size, safe and reliable wiring, high protection level, good performance and anti-interference, and it can work effectively in the rated load for a long time.
3. Conditions of use; ambient air temperature -5 ° C to +40 ° C, 24-hour average does not exceed +35 ° C;
The installation location does not exceed 2000M above sea level;
The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40 °C, and the relative humidity can be higher at lower temperatures. The monthly average maximum humidity of the wettest month is 90%, and the average minimum temperature of the month is +25 ° C, taking into account condensation on the surface of the product due to temperature changes.
4. Basic parameters: Efficiency (η): 97%
Voltage ratio: 380/220 (V)
Shape structure: vertical
Cooling method: natural cooling
Moisture proof: open
Number of windings: double winding
Core structure: shell type
Cooling form: dry
Core shape: E type
Power phase number: single phase
Frequency characteristics: low frequency
Application range: Control

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