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HID lamp ballast ABHL250W TS 220V 50HZ

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    HID lamp ballast ABHL250W TS 220V 50HZ

HID lamp ballast ABHL250W TS 220V 50HZ

PHILIPS HID lamp ballast ABHL400W TS 220V 50Hz
1. Life expectancy is up to 50,000 hours
2. Small size, easy to install
3. High power factor: >0.95, wide starting temperature: -20°C-55°C
4. High efficiency and energy saving, up to 50% energy consumption compared to conventional inductive systems
5. Perfect protection function to effectively prevent damage under abnormal working conditions of light source and electrical equipment.
6. Advanced circuit design, anti-AC stroboscopic, bring better lighting effect, resist voltage fluctuation, effectively prevent the chromatic aberration of a light source and significantly extend the life of the light source, mainly used for indoor metal halide lamps, floodlights, floodlights , street lights, etc., supporting use. Brand: PHILPIS Philips

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