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BFC8110 explosion-proof floodlight

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    BFC8110 explosion-proof floodlight

BFC8110 explosion-proof floodlight

BFC8110 explosion-proof floodlight
Product specifications
Rated power: 250/400W
Inlet thread: 3/4#
Cable introduction: φ8~12mm
Scope of application
It is suitable for large-area floodlighting in various flammable and explosive places as well as outdoor operations, construction sites, installations and facilities.
Performance characteristics / FEATURES
◆Using special gas discharge bulb as light source, it has high light efficiency and long service life, which can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce product maintenance. When using double-tube HPS lamp, it can be started and restarted without cooling.
◆Precise light distribution design, with mirror high-purity aluminum mirror, to achieve a wide range of floodlighting, the efficiency of the lamps is as high as 77%.
◆Using nano photocatalyst glass, it can automatically decompose surface stains and maintain light transmission effect. At the same time, diffuse reflection technology and protection angle design can effectively prevent glare. It can effectively reduce the irritation of the eyes of the workers and construction workers, and avoid discomfort and fatigue.
◆ Optimized electrical system design, the electrical efficiency of the lamp is up to 90%, and the power factor is 0.9.
◆Using high-strength alloy material, the protection grade of the outer casing reaches IP66, and the excellent explosion-proof structure design, multi-channel anti-vibration structure, integral structure design, light weight, good impact resistance, reliable and stable operation under vibration environment, waterproof performance Good, but also safe to use in a variety of flammable and explosive places.
◆ Advanced shell anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion grade reaches WF2, ensuring that the lamp does not corrode in harsh environments such as salt spray.
◆Integral structure, can adjust the lighting angle in a wide range, with a special lamp maintenance cover, easy to install and maintain.
◆A variety of installation methods, such as wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted, the illumination angle can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 25° up and down. Cables with different diameters of 10~14mm can be adapted according to the needs of the site, and multiple lamps can be used in parallel, which is suitable for layout engineering lighting. The electronic and mechanical double protection device automatically cuts off the power after opening the cover, and the maintenance is safer and more reliable.

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