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BPC8720 explosion-proof platform light

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    BPC8720 explosion-proof platform light

BPC8720 explosion-proof platform light

Power failure protection: electronic and mechanical double protection device, automatically cut off the power after opening the cover, safer and more reliable to use and maintain.
Anti-mite function: use Nayong photocatalyst glass, which can automatically decompose surface stains and maintain light transmission effect. At the same time, diffuse reflection technology and protective glue design can effectively prevent light. It can effectively reduce the stimulation of the eyes of the workers and construction workers, and avoid the discomfort and fatigue of rabbits.
Light efficiency and energy saving: The special gas discharge bulb is used as the light source, which has high luminous efficiency and long service life. When using the double-tube SPS lamp, it can be started and restarted without cooling.
Applicable environment: It adopts high-strength alloy material, has strong anti-strength collision and impact ability, anti-vibration structure and table second smear treatment, which can work stably in the high-frequency vibration of workshop and road track lights and in humid and high temperature environment for a long time.
Installation method: The angle of multiple installation methods of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted lamps can be adjusted as needed within the upper and lower 25° range. According to the needs of the site, the cables with different diameters of 0~14mm can be used in parallel, which is suitable for layout engineering lighting.

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