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BFC8100 field explosion-proof glare floodlight

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    BFC8100 field explosion-proof glare floodlight

BFC8100 field explosion-proof glare floodlight

BFC8100 field explosion-proof glare floodlight
Product specifications
Rated power: 250/400W
Inlet thread: 3/4#
Cable introduction: φ8~12mm
Scope of application
It is suitable for large-area floodlighting work lighting in flammable and explosive places and various outdoor operations, construction sites, installations and facilities.
Performance characteristics / FEATURES
◆ This product can be safely operated in flammable and explosive places in strict accordance with the requirements of GB3868-2000 (Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment) and other relevant standards.
◆Select gas discharge bulb and high reflectivity mirror mirror, high luminous efficiency, long life, large illumination range, high brightness; metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamp two kinds of bulbs and various powers according to working environment, lighting characteristics and light intensity Actually need to be matched.
◆The shell is made of high-strength alloy material and precise structure design, which has high resistance to strong impact and impact.
◆Optimized structural design and surface treatment, good waterproof performance, protection against water immersion and violent waves, and excellent corrosion resistance.
◆Optional seat, wall hanging, hanging, ceiling and other installation methods; the lamp head is centered on the end of the lamp holder bracket, can rotate 360° illumination, and can rotate the lighting in the range of 16° to meet different The need for a lighting angle at the job site.
◆Universal pipe threaded cable inlet, can adapt to Φ8~12mm different wire diameter cable introduction; multiple cable inlets, can realize multiple lights and connect, suitable for layout engineering lighting.

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