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Single-turn RS485 encoder BTM58J-RS485

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    Single-turn RS485 encoder BTM58J-RS485

Single-turn RS485 encoder BTM58J-RS485

RS485 signal output

   Features and applications:

    RS485/ASCII code free protocol

    Software intelligent programming to set internal parameters, baud rate address can be set arbitrarily, more convenient to connect

    European standard mounting size, shaft type or blind hole type installation, easy to install without on-site change

    Easy connection by RS485 serial port, can match any controller and PLC to save controller cost

    Protection level up to IP68, working temperature up to -40 ° C ... +85 ° C, perfect for long-term underwater work

    With safety lock bearing design, it can prevent the large-size and high-quality bearing group from being inadvertent due to the large axial load during operation and installation.

    Optional stainless steel explosion-proof heavy-duty encoder with EX II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb EU explosion-proof grade certification to protect petrochemical and explosion-proof equipment.

Single-turn resolution standard 4096, maximum 65536
Number of turns 4096 turns

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