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0-10V absolute encoder

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    0-10V absolute encoder

0-10V absolute encoder

BTM58J.1V absolute encoder specification
Main feature Mechanical structure
Compact and strong for heavy industry Aluminum flange and housing
0-10V, RS485 output Stainless steel spindle
Housing: φ58mm Precision ball bearing, sealed
Shaft diameter: solid shaft φ10 Better axis concentricity for smoother measurements.
Single-turn resolution: 12-bit 4096 lines application
Multiple laps: 12 4096 laps Metallurgical equipment and assembly line
Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 50 081-2, EN 50 082-2, CE Port crane transport machinery
Electrical characteristics Water conservancy and irrigation machinery
Hall principle heavy machine
Reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection Paper and textile machinery
  Precision measurement and numerical control equipment

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