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Well depth encoder NorthStar DWD38, ISW38

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    Well depth encoder NorthStar DWD38, ISW38

Well depth encoder NorthStar DWD38, ISW38

Well depth sensor, well depth encoder, winch encoder, winch sensor, special encoder for oil field industry, special encoder for' target='_blank'>drilling machine

   Well depth encoder, mainly used for winch, high protection level, maximum IP66 protection level, pulse number 100-2500 pulse selection, NPN, PNP, push-pull output and other forms, matching thread installation, more convenient

* Rugged standard industrial grade
*Winner encoder, suitable for winch / oil field
*High reliability, long life and strong anti-interference performance
*Push-pull type, line drive, open collector
*The metal case is stronger and more impact resistant
* Bearing load capacity is strong, oil proof and waterproof
* Stainless steel spindle has higher stability and protection
*Applicable to a wide range of mechanical and industrial control equipment
* Up to 2500 pulse resolution

(CW) rotating waveform
Ø Waveform ratio: X1+X2=0.5T ± 0.1T

            X2+X3=0.5T ± 0.1T
Ø phase difference: Xn>0.15T (n=1, 2, 3, 4)

         Zero signal width TM=1T ± 0.5T

T=360/N (N is the number of A, B phase pulses per revolution)

Output circuit: NPN、PNP driver  
Number of pulses: 10...2500 optional Shell diameter: 100mm
voltage: 5--30V 5V±0.25 Aperture / shaft diameter: Hex thread mounting (through hole 14mm)
Current consumption: 80mA 150mA Maximum speed: 6000r/min
Response frequency: 100kHz 100kHz Radial load: 40N
Allowable load: 30mA 20mA Axial load: 20N
Signal high level: Vcc*70% 2.5V weight: About 1500g
Signal low level: 1V 0.5V Protection level: Highest IP66
Rise/fall time: 1us 100ns Operating temperature: -40°C....+80°C
  Storage temperature: -40°C....+85°C
  Impact resistance: 1000m/s2 (6ms)
  Anti-vibration: 100m/s2 (10-500Hz)
  The material of the shaft: stainless steel
  shell material: aluminum

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