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BXY58-2000 explosion-proof electric heating oil

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    BXY58-2000 explosion-proof electric heating oil

BXY58-2000 explosion-proof electric heating oil

It can be used in explosive gas hazard sites in Zone I and Zone II;
An indicator light is mounted on the panel, and has an indication function;
Users can choose freely according to indoor temperature and needs;
The heat is dissipated, and even in the case of sudden power failure, it will maintain a certain temperature for a long time;
Does not produce any harmful gases, no electrical running noise;
Built-in disposable thermal protection and limit temperature control switch to ensure that the oil can not exceed its protection temperature;
The heat transfer oil does not need to be replaced for a lifetime and has a long service life;
Work without light, safe, hygienic, dust-free, tasteless.
product description:
BXY58-2000 explosion-proof electric heating oil heater is designed to meet the explosive gas or steam environment below the IIB gas group;
Its manufacture meets the requirements of the GB3836-2010 standard. Adopt scientific explosion-proof structure to meet IIB explosion-proof requirements;
Large heating area, uniform heat dissipation and small temperature gradient;
With overheat protection to prevent excessive temperature and damage the machine;
Applicable to places where people can easily reach the heater, such as living room, bedroom, aisle, etc. It is more suitable for families with old people and children. It can also be widely used in environments such as petroleum, chemical, military and other environments. The Class IIB temperature group is a hazardous gas mixture (Zone 2) hazardous field in the T4 group and below;
The product has good sealing and insulation properties and is not easy to damage;
It adopts special heat-conducting oil, which has good effect, no loss, no volatilization, no noise, no pollution, and is used for heating in winter or increasing the temperature of low temperature environment;
It is equipped with casters for easy movement;
Easy to install and easy to maintain. Mobile installation.

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