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BDKN-explosion-proof heater

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    BDKN-explosion-proof heater

BDKN-explosion-proof heater

It can be used in explosive gas hazard sites in Zone I and Zone II;
304 stainless steel housing, sturdy and durable;
The heating element is a 304 stainless steel finned electric heating tube;
Built-in low temperature fan, 304 stainless steel finned electric heating tube. Working environment temperature: -45 ° C ~ +60 ° C;
It can be externally temperature-controlled to ensure constant indoor temperature and automatic start and stop.
product description:
The stainless steel finned electric heating tube heating element can be used under the low temperature environment of -45 ° C, and the heating cable is installed with the heating cable to ensure that the electrical components work normally under low temperature conditions;
The shape design pays attention to individuality, novelty and generosity, unique characteristics, exquisite and pleasant, in line with fashion trends;
The air outlet and the air inlet have temperature control protection, and the adjustable temperature is 0°C~+50°C. The user can set the temperature according to the demand. When the set temperature is reached, the heater automatically turns off; when the temperature is lower than the set minimum temperature value, The heater is restarted and cycled to ensure a uniform temperature and constant temperature.
Widely used in oil exploration, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and other hazardous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other environments that require heating and heating, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
Order remarks:
Rated power: □5kW □6kW □8kW □10kW □15kW □20kW □30kW
Rated voltage: □380V
Installation method: □ vertical □ mobile

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