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Horizontal explosion-proof dehumidifier

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    Horizontal explosion-proof dehumidifier

Horizontal explosion-proof dehumidifier

Explosive dehumidifier (horizontal mobile type) has the characteristics of convenient movement, simple operation, stable performance and convenient maintenance. The whole machine adopts carbon steel spray molding, which has high structural strength, beautiful appearance and good comfort. The explosion-proof dehumidification unit can be applied to flammable and explosive places with dehumidification requirements such as petrochemical, offshore platform, national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, aerospace field, laboratory, analysis room, and pharmaceutical workshop. The whole machine has passed the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection center explosion-proof (CQST) certification, and obtained the explosion-proof certificate (CNEX).
1. Small size, clear interface, easy operation and easy to move.
2. Microcomputer control or Siemens PLC control, reliable and stable performance, automatic humidity control, and centralized control according to user requirements.
3. It adopts a fully enclosed scroll compressor with high energy efficiency and saves energy.
4. High-performance, low-noise centrifugal fan with low noise.
5. It can display the running status of the unit and clear fault information for easy maintenance.
6. There are a variety of working conditions to choose from. The standard type has 18°C~32°C and low temperature type 5~32°C unit with automatic defrost to ensure reliable and stable operation.
7. Anti-corrosion unit can be provided. The outer casing is made of SUS304 or SUS316L. The heat exchanger is made of copper tube with copper fins. The fan adopts deep anti-corrosion measures.
8. Applicable to the existence of IIA, IIB, T1 ~ T4 group of flammable gas, steam and air mixed explosion hazard, the explosion-proof grade is ExdibmbIIBT4Gb, ExdibmbIICT4Gb.

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