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Siemens fuse 3NE3 336

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    Siemens fuse 3NE3 336

Siemens fuse 3NE3 336

Siemens fuse characteristics
----· Siemens fuse system has a stable, consistent quality
----· Low power consumption, high economy and low heat generation
----· High rated breaking capacity, from small to no overload current to large short-circuit current, can be safely and reliably broken
----· Selective proportion of fine grading to make good use of wire cross section
----· Strong current limiting characteristics, can reliably protect all parts of the power supply system
----· Maintain reliable functions during continuous operation throughout the year
----· High anti-aging stability, thus avoiding unnecessary operational accidents
----· Ensure the stability of the characteristic curve under various temperature conditions
----· Variety of specifications, suitable for a variety of applications
----· Attachments are more practical and improve contact safety
----· In many of the world, it has passed the certification test and obtained the certificate.
----Compliant with standard DIN packaging 0636, IEC60269, DIN 43 620.
----Rated voltage: AC 690V / DC 440V For the semiconductor protection fuse-link is AC 1000V
---- rated current: 160A, 400A, 630A, 1250A
----1. NH fuse base
----2. NH fuse link
----3. NH type ISO cover
----4. NH type phase protection partition
----5. NH type knife
----6. NH type bottom cover
----7. NH type insert handle
----8. Insulation cover IP2XGr.00
----9. Insulating dust cover
3NE3332-0B SITOR Fast-Acting 400A AC 1000V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3333 SITOR Fast-Acting 450A AC 1000V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3334-0B SITOR Fast-Acting 500A AC 1000V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3335 SITOR Fast-Acting 560A AC 1000V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3336 SITOR Fast-Acting 630A AC 1000V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3337-8 SITOR Fast-Acting 710A AC 900V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3338-8 SITOR Fast-acting fuse 800A AC 800V SIZE 2/110MM
3NE3340-8 SITOR Fast-Fuse 900A 690VAC SIZE 2/110 MM
3NE1 020-2 3NE3 221
3NE1 021-0* 3NE3 222
3NE1 021-2 3NE3 224
3NE1 022-0* 3NE3 225
3NE1 022-2 3NE3 227
3NE1 224-0* 3NE3 230-0B
3NE1 224-2 3NE3 231
3NE1 225-0* 3NE3 232-0B
3NE1 225-2 3NE3 233
3NE1 227-0* 3NE3 332-0B
3NE1 227-2 3NE3 333
3NE1 230-0 3NE3 334-0B
3NE1 230-2 3NE3 335
3NE1 331-0 3NE3 336
3NE1 331-2 3NE3 337-8
3NE1 332-0 3NE3 338-8
3NE1 333-0 3NE3 340-8
3NE1 333-2 3NE4 101
3NE1 334-0 3NE4 102
3NE1 334-2 3NE4 117
3NE1 435-0 3NE4 118
3NE1 435-2 3NE4 120
3NE1 436-0 3NE4 121
3NE1 436-2 3NE4 122
3NE1 437-0 3NE4 124
3NE1 437-1 3NE4 327-0B
3NE1 437-2 3NE4 330-0B
3NE1 438-0 3NE4 333-0B
3NE1 438-1 3NE4 334-0B
3NE1 438-2 3NE4 337
3NE1 447-2 3NE7 633
3NE1 448-2 3NE7 633-1
3NE1 802-0* 3NE7 636
3NE1 803-0* 3NE7 636-1
3NE1 813-0* 3NE7 637-1
3NE1 814-0* 3NE7 648-1
3NE1 815-0* 3NE8 003-1
3NE1 817-0* 3NE8 015-1
3NE1 818-0* 3NE8 017-1
3NE1 820-0* 3NE8 018-1
3NE8 020-1
3NE8 021-1
3NE8 022-1
3NE8 024-1
Siemens fuse NH 00 fuse
3NA3802-2C 4A
3NA3804-2C 10A
3NA3801-2C 2A
3NA3805-2C 16A
3NA3803-2C 6A
3NA3807-2C 20A
3NA3810-2C 25A
3NA3812-2C 32A
3NA3814-2C 35A
3NA3817-2C 40A
3NA3822-2C 63A
3NA3820-2C 50A
3NA3824-2C 80A
3NA3830-2C 100A
3NA3836-2C 160A
3NA3832-2C 125A
Siemens fuse NH 0
3NA3003-2C 10A
3NA3001-2C 6A
3NA3005-2C 16A
3NA3007-2C 20A
3NA3010-2C 25A
3NA3012-2C 32A
3NA3014-2C 35A
3NA3022-2C 63A
3NA3020-2C 50A
3NA3017-2C 40A
3NA3030-2C 100A
3NA3024-2C 80A
3NA3036-2C 160A
3NA3032-2C 125A
Siemens fuse NH 1
3NA3105-2C 16A
3NA3114-2C 35A
3NA3107-2C 20A
3NA3110-2C 25A
3NA3120-2C 50A
3NA3117-2C 40A
3NA3122-2C 63A
3NA3130-2C 100A
3NA3124-2C 80A
3NA3132-2C 125A
3NA3136-2C 160A
3NA3140-2C 200A
3NA3142-2C 224A
Siemens fuse NH 2
3NA3214 35A
3NA3220-2C 50A
3NA3222-2C 63A
3NA3232-2C 125A
3NA3230-2C 100A
3NA3224-2C 80A
3NA3236-2C 160A
3NA3240-2C 200A
3NA3242-2C 224A
3NA3250-2C 300A
3NA3244-2C 250A
3NA3252-2C 315A
3NA3260-2C 400A
3NA3254-2C 355A
Siemens fuse NH 3
3NA3340-2C 200A
3NA3342-2C 224A
3NA3344-2C 250A
3NA3350-2C 300A
3NA3360-2C 400A
3NA3354-2C 355A
3NA3352-2C 315A
3NA3362-2C 425A
3NA3365-2C 500A
3NA3372-2C 630A


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