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Explosion-proof operating column with lock

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    Explosion-proof operating column with lock

Explosion-proof operating column with lock

Explosion-proof Control stations series BZC53(Grade ⅡB ⅡC)
The devices are suitable to be used in outdoor and indoor places of zones 1 and 2 where there is explosive mixture which belongs to category Ⅱ, class A、B、C, group T1~T6 for use of controlling magnetic apparatus in distance or direct controlling motors with AC50HZ 380V and 220V po
Technical data 
使用类型 额定电压 额定电流 防护等级Protective-class 防爆标志 防腐等级Corrosion-proof classes 进线口螺纹 电缆外径
kind of Rated voltage Rated current     Cable dia
application (V) (A) Ex-mark Inlet size (mm)
AC1、AC3 220、380 5、10、15、20、40 IP54、IP65 dⅡBT6 W、WF1、WF2 立式Pole:G25或特制 ф10~ф18
dⅡCT6 挂式Ceiling:G20或特制 ф8~ф15
l.Enclosure is made of casting aluminium alloy welded by steel plate and stainless steel surface is sprayed with plastics.
2.Built-in rotary switch, ampere meter indicating lamp etc.
3.For observed data, could equip indicating lamp etc.
4.Knob replaces button, single hole replaces multi-hole, single window replaces multi-window.
5.There are more than 30 functions of changeover switch vailable for user′s free choice.
6.For user′s requirements, it could be special one.
7.The ammeter′s measuring range can be made by users.
8.Connection with tube or through wiring.
9.If above 2 or 3 switch, please constantly note the compounded marks such as: select 3 switches for writing: A/B/C, you may note the details if there is special requirements.
10.It could be designed as IP55 according to user′s requirements.
11.If user only require water-proof, the model is LNZ, please noted, it could be designed special.

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